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on the charges it's a dead human face but it's actually tricks syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. with every your. she of china will not sit idly by while it legitimate rights and interests are hurt . tough talk from china as president donald trump prepares to slap beijing with billions of dollars worth of tariffs.
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hello i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera life and also coming up the boss of facebook admits to mistakes of the cambridge analytical controversy but is it enough to rebuild the lost trust. heading out thousands of syrian rebel fighters and civilians leave after surrendering a town in east goodsell. fired up workers in france as a wave of rail of public service strikes for life out of gear. physical thing that donald trump is about to fuel a trade war with china the u.s. president expected to announce some fifty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese products in a few hours time the white house has repeatedly accused china of unfair trade practices and of stealing intellectual property china's found that it will act to
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defend its interests. we resolutely opposed this type of unilateral and protectionist action by the us china will not sit idly by while it legitimate rights and interests are hurt we must take all necessary measures to firmly defend our rights and interests we hope the u.s. can see clearly that the nature of china and u.s. trade relations is to mutual benefit and a win win situation white house correspondent kelly helka joins us now live from washington so kimberly what do we think that the president is about to announce. well we know that there are going to be these tariffs that will be coming down in a couple of hours time the motion for that is already in the works we believe this will be done by presidential memorandum sometime about sixteen thirty g.m.t. and essentially this is really the president's first direct target of china of course we saw those indirect tariffs towards china when it comes to aluminum and steel but now this will be china named directly by the trumpet ministration it
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could be even as high as sixty billion in tariffs on chinese imports largely targeting the tech sector but also hitting areas like apparel and other consumer goods now the argument that has long been made not just by the trump administration but going back to president clinton in fact has been that china has been stealing the intellectual property of american businesses but donald trump really trumpeted this on the campaign trail saying this is decimated the american manufacturing industry hurt american workers and as a result of a long standing investigation the united states has decided under donald trump to take this action is the president prepared to deal with the coming this could spark a trade war between the u.s. and china. right we're already hearing that from christine legarde of course managing director of the i.m.f. and others around the world that are really fearful not only that this could cause a trade war but this could also hurt and hamper global economic recovery efforts
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that have been underway for so many years but really what is important here is this is a risky political calculation for donald trump in an election year given the fact that one of the areas we're hearing from china that could be targeted in terms of retaliation is the soybean industry and we know that china is one of the number one buyers of american soybeans we also have to remember too though that farmers ranchers make up a major part of donald trump's support base and we are in the election year for congressional elections in november so certainly if there is this level of retaliation retaliation that the u.s. says it will defend there could be some political risk in calculation that maybe the white house is not factored in considering its actions that it will be taking today to believe anything white house correspondent kelly how could that in washington facebook's boss has promised tough previously measures to safeguard the information of its two billion uses following a major data breach it's the first time that mark zuckerberg has spoken out since
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that it was revealed since it was revealed rather than fifty million facebook users have to use a harvested and shared with a political consultant so you can see olympus for the land reports. mark zuckerberg doesn't like giving interviews but the pressure on the camera shy founder and c.e.o. of facebook was so great he had to do something he told the american media he was sorry about the security breach the compromise of private data of fifty million facebook users in a statement he had knowledge there were failures in facebook's protection of data i started facebook he writes and at the end of the day i am responsible for what happens on our platform i'm serious about doing what it takes to protect our community while this specific issue in bobby cambridge analytic i should no longer have been with new apps today that doesn't change what happened in the past we will learn from this experience to secure our platform further and make our community safer for everyone going forward those steps include
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a review of all apps that had similar brought access to user data for their data restrictions and making it easier for users to resend permissions suckers carefully choreographed response of the cambridge analytical scandal is not what u.s. lawmakers are asking for they were rather have him testify in person before congress minnesota senator amy klobuchar has formally asked for a traditional hearing suburb says he's happy to testify before congress if it's the right thing to do he also says he's sure someone's trying to disrupt this year's midterm elections underlying the opera or the allegation that data harvested from facebook servers was used by cambridge analytical to support the trunk campaign in two thousand and sixteen interference in the electoral process confirmed in this undercover interview with the company's event c e o alexander nix any mechanism that examines. the data again with teams to talk to. a television. station photos to facebook stocks lost sixty
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billion dollars in value in the last five days and a delayed facebook hash tag has been trending but even if the bad publicity blows over other two. troubles for the social networking giant are just beginning the federal trade commission has opened an investigation into facebook so to have at least three u.s. states that see a lopez with a young al-jazeera. in london. reaction to what mark zuckerberg has had to say here in britain have been pretty negative listen to this from damian collins the politician who heads parliament media and culture committee they've been hearing from facebook representatives recently and have our zuckerberg himself to appear in person damian collins says mark zuckerberg hasn't addressed why facebook didn't deal with concerns about the exposure of user data at the time and the risks now so clearly hinting that they don't
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feel. facebook has been fully transparent about what went on in the past and they don't feel that they have given enough assurances about what they're doing now similarly the nonprofit organization mozilla who runs the web browser firefox say that they're spending their advertising on facebook for the time being until facebook strengthens its protection of user data they say they've looked into the matter and the current default settings leave access open to a lot of data particularly to third party apps such as the one which was used for that survey which later allegedly took cambridge analytical accessing. tens of millions of people's information and then using that for the u.s. presidential election so lots of queries from advertisers on
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facebook right now about what they're going to do and i think that's the thing that will harm facebook the hardest there are calls for people to stop using facebook but that hasn't really built into a mass movement at the moment facebook will be trying to keep advertisers on board shoring them but they are getting tougher. syrian rebels have surrendered a town in eastern guta thousands of fighters and civilians are being transported from house to province under a deal brokered by russia but to other areas of eastern cooter remain under rebel control so you know how to reports now from beirut. defeat and displacement that is what these buses have come to symbolize up to one thousand five hundred fighters from the rebel faction and at least six thousand of their family members are leaving their homes in hard they have agreed to lay down their arms and go to the opposition controlled province of idlib in syria's northwest the russian guaranteed
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evacuation deal is being seen as amounting to a surrender the first to leave was anyone needing medical assistance harass them like the rest of the rebel enclaves of the eastern has been relentlessly bombarded for more than a month the suffering of the people is immense some civilians also left media activists even civil defense volunteers syrians who are considered to be terrorists by the government had no other choice the deal also involves a prisoner exchange and is reported to include guarantees by the syrian government and the russian military that no harm will come to the civilians who chose to stay . harassed is just one town in eastern with which is now divided into three pockets because of the government offensive the other two rebel factions which controls duma and phyla which controls the southern pockets have been engaged in separate negotiations with the russian military so far there has been no progress. so
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pro-government forces continue to target what is left of the rebel held area they're seizing more territory in the southern pocket and airstrikes continue to kill the united nations says people are trapped by fierce fighting and are in dire need of aid the choice they have been given is to starve die or leave. because. we are fighting to stay in our land and prevent displacement the international community is silent and powerless or perhaps it's conspiring against us all they do is lie to us the un security council was not able to save. killed and displaced a whole country. years of siege and bombardment have been a strategy the pro-government alliance used previously to force the surrender of rebels the united nations human rights groups condemned the strategy as forced displacement this is the first deal of its kind in eastern huta and pressure is only increasing on the other rebel groups to also agree to the only offer on the
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table. into beirut in france workers are demonstrating against president reforms for the public sector thousands of teachers railway hospital transport workers a marching in rallies organized by trade unions let's go live to a very noisy protest in paris. what's this all about the tasha. well we have workers here and you can see them behind me from across the public sector as she said are teachers hospital workers transport workers and the i mean a railway workers and they will have their own concerns over pay and conditions in may and separate industries but they have decided tonight and come together because what does unite them is a collective sense of anger and frustration with the current government of president mark or the who's trying to push through a run off to reform the streamline the public services now people say that the jobs that they do are important they are underpaid and they say that the government is
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simply ignoring pace and also training to cut thousands of jobs so they are fighting against those reforms and in fact the railway workers say that they will go on strike they will continue to are rolling strikes in for the next three months when we take a look back at some of the problems that are facing us and say france's national railway. has some of the fastest passenger trains in the world francis which link the big cities are modern and efficient but the same cannot be said for the company the runs them france's national railway s.n.c.f. isn't profitable and deep in debt. local services like this one in paris often disrupted because of problems with staff or aging infrastructure yes there are certain delays it's get is traffic changed answered at a late notice it's up to us the full scale my son has now a stranger in each day so there is
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a problem in the line every other day the french government says that the s.n.c.f. must change so it's proposing some major reforms they want to open up the rail network to foreign investors and it plans to scrap the special status given to rail workers which allows train drivers to retire in their fifty's a decade earlier than most of the population. as since their full loses monopoly in twenty twenty and e.u. rules foreign companies will be able to run trains on its network the prime minister says reforms will help s.n.c.f. stay competitive when the world is changing gears and surf most chandra's it face was comforted as a sense of cannot remain the only company to recruit for a real cause and a special status. created in one nine hundred thirty eight s. and seth is owned by the french state it employs one hundred forty thousand staff for generations its workers have enjoyed perks such as early retirement and extra days off rel union leaders say the benefits are compensation for difficult working
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conditions provided for their armies or i work long unsociable hours and our salaries are very high the government is focusing on a special status in these reforms to make the public turn against rail workers and when their battle past presidents have tried and failed to reform s.n.c.f. forced to back down in the face of stiff opposition from france's powerful trade unions emanuel mccall wants to be the one to succeed marco may have more new way because of more general favorable public opinion in terms of reforming a sense here i think people now are more ready. who's. something different the government says it will reform s.n.c.f. by decree that's put union leaders on the warpath they're promising burning strikes macro may be facing his greatest test. will trade union leaders say that there are more than one hundred protests like this one across the country under the railway
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workers saying that they will roll out those strikes over the next three months the government really does have a big challenge in front of it now so far the government's been able to push through reforms with a certain amount of support but a recent opinion poll shows that many people feel they're starting to forget the ordinary workers and favoring the more privileged sections of society so we'll have to see how this pans out in the months to come but thanks david live in paris. we're going to weather update next to zero then a virtual homecoming for dozens of nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped by boko haram plus. fighting for their inheritance the women protesting for equal rights in tunisia.
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welcome back as we look at weather conditions across central southern parts of china and taiwan gerri for most part looking good during the course of friday sunshine for food and hong kong with twenty four degrees as a high and we've got to find conditions also for noise but through into saturday we've got some more in the way of rain developing across central areas change to probably pick up some rain later on in the day so let's head across no into south asia where we've had some rain sleet snow up over some of the hill stations of northern india from that particular system but that's no cleared away and we're looking at fine conditions across much of the region parts of that have played on friday for colombo in sri lanka but as the weekend moves upon is that is looking fine there for delhi with highs of thirty four degrees celsius so across into the arabian peninsula and again it is pretty warm here we've got a bit of a shower when picking up during the course of friday but temperatures still up to
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thirty two degrees celsius around the rest of the gulf region also looking fine the effects that wind will be felt as we head on through into saturday the temperatures coming down fractionally but on the other side of the peninsula we have a little bit of cloud across northern areas but certainly from mecca medina is going to be very hot indeed with temperatures of forty and thirty nine degrees celsius respectively. the scene for us whether online what is a very nice time in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. well
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera fears a growing the donald trump is about to fuel a trade war with china the u.s. president is expected to announce fifty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese products in a few hours time china says that it will act to defend its interests facebook's chief executive has promised tougher steps to protect the information of the two billion that uses of the platform mark zuckerberg admits the social media site made mistakes after accusations that the u.k. for misused information from fifty million facebook users and syrian rebels to surrender the town in eastern thousands of faces and civilians leaving i lost all
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leaving harasta to traveling to it live province to other areas in eastern guta remain under rebel control. breaking news for you now out of somalia we're getting reports that at least five people have been killed dozens of others injured after a car bomb exploded in somalia's capital mogadishu it happened at a hotel frequented by politicians somali officials and international employees details of the still fairly sketchy i will bring you more as and when we have it here at al-jazeera. government says most of the one hundred ten schoolgirls who were abducted by boko haram fighters last month without free however a few remain missing the freed girls have been brought to a boot to meet the president and ministers who negotiated their release the girls are expected to return to their hometown nigeria's government says that it agreed to a temporary pause in fighting with the group in order to secure that freedom more now
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from al-jazeera interests who is in northeastern nigeria. this is the rule book fighters drove through with one hundred and four goals initially they dropped one of them in a village on their way here and then they drop them off the one hundred and fall right over there some two hundred meters away from this place and we were told by residents that one of their be cool developed a puncture or other they have had a flat tire they change the tires here and then they drove back they spent nearly thirty minutes in doxie this particular route they came through it's the same road they used to go back to where they came from but on incidentally right over there is a home of the only girls still in captivity in the home of leah nathan the family still grieving and still expecting the child now the other goes one hundred five of them
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and now in a buddha meeting the nigerian president and also going through psychological counseling and other medical checkups now what we're hearing from the people of doctor they said they're keeping leah because of high fees they wanted to renounce our faith and embrace a new one now we were told by residents but this is yet to be confirmed by the nigerian government which is also yet to say what about the five remaining goals that were taken one month ago the resident said the fighters when they drove to town and dropped the one hundred and four in this town and one before the stone they told them that five of them or four or five of them actually died because of exhaustion on the day they were taken from their school induction russia's ambassador to the u.k. has suggested that britain has stores of the nerve agent was used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter both countries continue to argue about the attack in southern england earlier this month russia says that britain's foreign
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secretary porus johnson is poisoned with hatred for comparing the country to hitler's germany. it is a decoy incidence and this chemical weapons facility is only eight miles away from the site of the incident how did doctors decide what until gots to administer to the victims russian experts a puzzle how quickly the british authorities managed to designate the nerve agent illegitimately used solsbury and how this kora leads with squat and to your official statements there and i'm quoting investigation is highly likely to take weeks or even months to arrive at conclusions one hour from under serious need barca in london. we've seen tit for tat expulsions of officials between the u.k. and russia in the last couple of weeks since the alleged poisoning of yulia and
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surrogates cripple in the town of solsbury we've seen an escalating war of words and now what we're seeing is claim and counterclaim between the british government and the russian or thorazine britain maintains that it was the russians state that was responsible for the poisoning of the script miles using a russian made nerve agent of the north a variety and now russia's ambassador to the u.k. in a statement here how the russian embassy has cost or there of doubts over britain's theory as to what happened down in seoul was bre implying that quite possibly the british authorities already had in their possession samples all of a nazi chalk nerve agent this comes off the back of comments that were made by russia's ambassador to the e.u. last week but to me it shows off it went so far to suggest that the british authorities british intelligence themselves could have even planted the nerve agent
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at the site of the poisoning this is something that the british or forty's hotly deny saudi arabia's crown prince's future meet the u.s. secretary of defense later on thursday but mohammed bin salman's visit coincides with leaked documents sent to show lobbying efforts by the u.a.e. and saudi arabia to influence the trumpet ministration interest tired reports. this saudi crown prince started his u.s. visit with talks at the white house president donald trump showing recent saudi weapons purchases from american manufacturers both showered each other with praise for their country's close ties we really have a great friendship a great relationship i would really have to say the relationship was to put it mildly very very strained during the obama administration and the relationship now is probably as good as it's really ever been thank you mr bridges but you got it. thank you so you have your message america it's all the relation we have all this ally first of america and the middle east right more than eighty five minutes
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and big interest politically economically and security but mohammed bin some months trip which includes several cities and meetings with u.s. cabinet members coincides with leaked documents said to show lobbying efforts by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. aimed at influencing the trumpet ministration the new york times says a lebanese american businessman george notter who was a political advisor to the effect of ruler of the u.a.e. worked for more than a year to influence elliott brody a powerful member of the republican national committee neither is said to have offered broadly business deals on behalf of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in order to exert influence over white house policy policies which advocated confrontational approaches towards iran and gutter brodie denies the claims that his spokesman accuses hackers working for carter for leaking the documents their accusations guterres government has described as baseless a fear look at the blockade and the crisis in the gulf
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a crisis started last year there is a context for this and it seems that those preparations produce this kind of a crisis because it was a trend that is a consistent a plan. supported by the two government governments financially supported by in washington and is alliances and led to all of this. that is they became prominent recently as a witness in the investigation into foreign influence on the trumpet ministration by special prosecutor robert mueller the media reports to complicate been someone's tour of the united states the trip has been described as a public relations blitz for the crown prince but could expose him to increasingly awkward questions about how saudi arabia and the u.a.e. use money and business deals to influence white house policy in al-jazeera. in gaza two policemen linked to how massive been killed following a raid to find the suspect behind an attack on the palestinian prime minister last
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week and i asked leaders say the suspects and two accomplices have been arrested last night is attempting to assassinate prime minister rami how he wasn't hurt by the roadside bomb blast but several gods needed medical treatment. when tunisia's president proposed last year that the country's inheritance laws should be revised women's rights activists applauded the move still the issue is a controversial one as baba jump reports from tunis. a march for equality tunisian women demanding parity with men in matters related to life and death for these activists the time has come for the country's inheritance law to change and the country said in our opinion this is quite simply one of the last bastiaan off the patriarchy because we're made to believe that these are issues regarding religion but in fact there are issues of the heart of patriarchy that amount of to see that last year president. announced a review of a law that says
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a woman should receive only half of the share of an inheritance that a man does. even in a country known in the region for being progressive when it comes to women's rights the proposal was controversial bush about how tricky that is a member of parliament who heads up the commission of individual freedoms and equality a group that strapping the revised rules and recommendations while she's optimistic future generations will be granted more opportunities and liberties she also explains how the subject of inheritance is a contentious one and that the upcoming municipal elections in may could further complicate things. this report was supposed to be issued to the president on february twentieth but we tried to avoid the election campaigns and wanted to keep the issue outside the realm of politics and any political tensions last year parliament passed landmark laws criminalizing domestic violence and harassment in public spaces. well tunisia's current legal system is a mixture of both civil and religious laws conservatives are far from happy with
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the proposals on inheritance law they say any and all matters related to inheritance are already enshrined in islam equality and therefore should not be allowed to be challenged. according to members of a local women's rights group things are improving but more needs to be done in the minimum the mark on between the legal system and the reality even if by women there is a gap and for us this is our mission today how to make the laws and the reality closer to each other. they say equality in inheritance is another important step in the right direction one that will ultimately insure society provides liberties and human dignity to men and women alike. tunis tunisia. it's good to have you with us a very unforgiving here in doha the top stories this hour here affairs
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a growing that donald trump is about to fuel a trade war with china the u.s. president is expected to announce fifty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese products china says that it will act to defend its interests. we resolutely opposed this type of unilateral and protectionist action by the u.s. china will not sit idly by while it legitimate rights and interests are hurt we must take all necessary measures to firmly defend our rights and interests we hope the u.s. can see clearly that the nature of china and u.s. trade relations is to mutual benefit and a win win situation. facebook's chief executive has promised tougher steps to protect the information of the platform's two billion users mark zuckerberg admits that the social media site made mistakes after accusations that the u.k. for misused information from fifty million facebook users. syrian rebels of surrender the town of eastern doucette thousands of fighters and civilians are being allowed to leave her last and travel to province at least five people are
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reported been killed dozens of others injured after a car bomb exploded in somalia's capital mogadishu it happened tell frequented by politicians somali officials and international employees nigeria's government says that most of the one hundred ten schoolgirls who were abducted by boko haram fighters last month are now free a few though remain missing those have been brought to the capital budget debate the president and ministers who negotiated the release workers in france demonstrating against president manual micron's reforms for the public sector thousands of teachers railway hospital and airport workers are marching in rallies organized by trades unions they're angry at proposed changes to working conditions and benefits the strike will see train of flight cancellations at the closure of some schools russia's ambassador to the u.k. has suggested that britain has stores of the nerve agent that was used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter both countries continue to argue over the
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attack itself in england earlier this month russia says that britain's foreign secretary boris johnson is poisoned with hatred for comparing the country to hitler's germany because here the newsgroup is a little over twenty five minutes on al-jazeera right after today's edition of the stream next. there were seven candidates vying for egypt's presidency. now there are just two and with president abdel fattah el-sisi poised for his second term in power international rights groups are calling this election advice we'll bring you the latest coverage and analysis of the egypt election on al-jazeera. a name is kid are not journalists that you know. that i'm an. eye of i mean ok and you're in the stream today will the killing of a black female politician spur change in brazil will discuss the impact to rio de janeiro councilwoman mary ellen franco in.


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